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Hey guys, after a bit of a lay off, we are delighted to say the podcast is BACK! Episode 5 includes a round up of the latest movie news, reviews and discussion on such things as Star Trek with added Picard, how Final Space on Netflix blindsided us and are Netflix Originals any good??

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When a friend suggested I watch Battlestar Galactica, I thought they’d lost their mind. The year was 2008, not 1978. Why on Earth would I want to watch a Star Wars rip off with the dude from the A-Team in it? Turns out, I had the wrong end of the stick. I didn’t have Sky television or the Sci-Fi Channel and was totally unaware of Ronald D Moore & David Eick had re-imagined the promising but flawed 1978 series.
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In 2009, a viral marketing campaign began at San Diego Comic-Con for a Peter Jackson produced Sci-Fi film, directed by Canadian/South African Neill Blomkamp. Based on his short film of 2006, Alive in Joburg, it centres on the arrival of an Alien craft over the skies of Johannesburg in 1982. The Aliens arrive, not with the usual intent of murdering us all and raping the planet of its natural resource, but because their ship is broken and they’re running out of food.

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The Merc with the Mouth is back back back in this latest trailer, and he’s bringing his friends with him! Check it out below.

Given how much we enjoyed the first Deadpool, we can’t wait for this! It’s time to make the fuckin’ Chimichangas!!