GeekCrewReview Podcast Episode 5

Hey guys, after a bit of a lay off, we are delighted to say the podcast is BACK! Episode 5 includes a round up of the latest movie news, reviews and discussion on such things as Star Trek with added Picard, how Final Space on Netflix blindsided us and are Netflix Originals any good??

Check it out on iTunes and Soundcloud now!

Movies News Podcast

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Lover of all things Sci-Fi. So say we all!!

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  1. Good to listen to the pod cast again guys. Been waiting for another one.

    Have to say quite enjoyed extinction. Didnt see the plit twist coming until the scene with the wife when she was injured .

    – Mission impossible film . I enjoyed but thought that was cery predictable from the start . Still a good action flick .

    – Was suprised yous didnt mention in the podcast when talking about predator movie that james olmos ( adama battlestar galatica) has had all his scenes cut from the film which they recon is about 30mins worth of footage.

    – going on keiths recommendation i watched sicario first film and it was fcuking awesome. Have yet to see the 2nd one .

    And gutted sith the james gunn thing but they say their still planning on using his script and while still in talks with him thinking of asking him to do some other marvel film for the phase 4 of the franchise.

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