Trailer Round Up

It’s been a busy old time for trailer releases lately. So rather than bombard you with loads of posts, we’ve compiled a list for your consumption. You’re welcome!


1. Mission: Impossible Fallout

Ethan Hunt returns with some old favourites to well and truly do the impossible. As always with this franchise, the stunts look on point, the comedy element is there to make sure we realise that we’re meant to be having fun (this is the movies after all) and Tom Cruise is running, jumping and falling way more than any man over 50 should. Strike the match, cue the music, begin the Mission!!

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Not overly geeky, I know but god I love Queen and this looks amazing. It will rock you.

3. The Predator

Fresh from Iron Man 3 and its massive success, Shane Black returns to the world of the dreadlocked space hunter with The Predator. Hopefully this is better than the AvP abominations and gives this alien badass the movie he so richly deserves. I will however settle for Alfie Allen getting decapitated.

4. Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom

Chris Pratt returns as Owen Grady, dinosaur whisperer. His mission, should he choose to accept it is…..ah who gives a fuck. Dinosaurs, volcanoes, evil corporations and Bryce Dallas Howard in inappropriate footwear. What’s not to love? Also with added Jeff Goldblum, this can’t be as average as the last one, right?

5. Robin Hood

No, Russell Crow is not returning to the role he portrayed for Ridley Scott last time out. There will be no smorgasbord of accents to wade through. This time Taron Edgerton will play everyone’s favourite thief. I was underwhelmed when I watched the trailer but I may be wrong, it may be excellent.

6. The Happytime Murders

It’s The Muppets Jim but not as we know them. Melissa McCarthy is in it, but I still think it looks funny.

7. Mile 22

Marky Mark- tick. The dude from The Raid- tick. Peter Berg directing- tick. Sign me up because this is going to be good!

8. Sicario 2

As a follow up to one of my favourite films of the last few years, I can’t wait to see Thanos and The Collector to team up, buddy cop style to take on the drug cartels with not an Infinity Stone in sight.

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