Top Ten: Movie/TV Weapons

I have always been interested in Sci-Fi/action films and TV shows. Inevitably, with all the action and movie violence there has to be weapons. A lot of iconic characters are inexorably linked with them. With that in mind, I decided to give my top ten. Here goes:-

10- Sting (The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings)


After finding a haul of weapons in a troll cave, Bilbo Baggins takes ownership of a small sword (well, he is a Hobbit!) and after rescuing his Dwarf companions from some pretty nasty spiders in Mirkwood Forest, he nicknames his Elvish blade Sting. Accompanying Bilbo on his journey and being passed down to his nephew, Frodo, whom it also served well, this blade would have some stories to tell and was a worthy companion to two heroes of Middle Earth.

Special Features: The blade glows blue when nasty Orcs are around!

9- LAPD PKD Blaster (Blade Runner)


Standard issue to Blade Runners, including Rick Deckard, the PKD looked cool, with a futuristic LED light display on the side and a nifty two trigger set up. I’m not sure how useful that feature was but it looked pretty awesome!

Special Features: Erm, the two trigger design looked cool and I’m sure did something useful?

8- The Bride’s Sword (Kill Bill)

Hatori hanso

Wielded with ferocious vengeance by Uma Thurman’s “The Bride” in Kill Bill, this sword made by legendary craftsman Hatori Hanso really delivers when needed. It takes out the Crazy 88, matches up against Lucy Lui’s O-Ren Ishi, slicing the top of her head clean off. What a blade!

Special Features: Sharp as fuck!

7- Blade’s Sword (Blade)


Talking of Blades, how about Blade’s blade? The sword used by the Daywalker to off loads of his Vampire enemies is some piece of work. Supremely sharp, made of silver and sends the blood sucking vermin on a one way trip to a smouldering pile of ashes!

Special Features: It’s coded to Blade’s DNA, so only he can wield it!

6- Indiana Jones’s Whip


No, this is not slang for his nice car, or even the contents of his pants. His ACTUAL Whip. Given a backstory of its own in The Last Crusade, the whip helped Indy through a whole manner of situations, including swinging over a massive gap in the floor of a cave to saving him from a lion! What a tool to have in your arsenal!

Special Features: Makes a cool whippy sound!

5- The Minigun (Terminator 2)


The Minigun is pretty iconic in this movie. The sight of Arnie totalling police cars from an office block without killing anyone is seriously cool. It’s a gun that I couldn’t even contemplate picking up, let alone raining down a hail of rounds on the LAPD with it. Honourable mention goes to Ol’ Painless, Blaine’s Minigun from Predator. Also very cool.

Special Features: Fires a shit ton of rounds really quickly!

4-  Walther PPK (James Bond)


From Connery to Craig, Bond has always had his trusty Walther PPK by his side. Compact, lightweight and accurate, the Walther PPK is Bond’s weapon of choice and is as synonymous with a movie character as it’s possible to be. An all time classic gun for the all time classic spy.

Special Features: It’s attached to James Bond!

3- The Phaser (Star Trek)


Throughout all the incarnations of Star Trek, Starfleet’s weapon of choice has been the Phaser. The classic pistol design gave waye to the remote control style from The Next Generation onward. I prefer the pistol style and thought they gave it a cool new design in the Abrahms versions.

Special Features: Various settings can ensure you stun your enemy or, in the words of Chekov, “Wapourise them”.

2- Lightsaber (Star Wars)


Lightsabers are cool. They make an awesome sound, they cut through anything and are a more elegant weapon for a more civilised age. The primary armament for The Jedi and The Sith alike, the lightsaber comes in a variety of colours and normally indicates if you’re a good guy or a bad guy. Choose wisely!

Special Features: The blade fits inside the handle for ease of transport. Also, SO FUCKING COOL!

1- The M41A Pulse Rifle (Aliens)

Pulse rifle

The standard issue rifle of the US Colonial Marines, the M41A Pulse Rifle is the coolest, most realistic looking fictional weapon I’ve ever seen. It had an under-slung grenade launcher, armour piercing rounds capable of tearing up Xenomorphs for fun. It also made an awesome sound when fired and, I mean, c’mon, just look at it!

Special Features: A nifty readout tells you you’re running out of ammo. Grenade Launcher, extendable stock.

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