Stargate Origins and Drive to Revive

There is a lot going on right now for Stargate fans to be excited about.

First off, MGM has launched its own on demand service Stargate Command to coincide with the launch of new series Stargate Origins.


Origins is a prequel series set in the 1930’s following the discovery of the gate by Professor Paul Langford. I’ve watched the first few episodes, and it was very difficult not to grin like an idiot when they went into the Stargate and the theme music kicked in.

Essentially a film split into ten ten minute parts, it has Nazis, a tough as nails young Catherine Langford and some good old Brits. All in all, what I’ve seen so far is a lot of fun and that’s the bloody point isn’t it.


If you are wise enough to cough up the 20 quid (bucks, euros), you don’t just get access to Stargate Origins you also get access to every episode of Stargate SG-1 (plus it’s films), Atlantis, Universe and the original movie which came out in 1994 (if you weren’t already feeling old today). There is also some great interviews with cast members and a discussion forum for you to argue about whether Teal’c looks better with hair or not.


For me however, the most exciting part is that this platforms launch has created a whole new drive to get Stargate fans involved and push for a new series. People are coming together on Twitter and Facebook to help make this happen and myself and Alex are going to jump in and help in anyway we can.

I encourage all sci-fi fans to get on Twitter and follow @StargateNow. You also need to get on Facebook and join the Stargate Now group. It is really encouraging to see so many people getting involved already and sharing their cosplay photos, art and just having a chat online with other fans all with the single goal of getting a show they love back on the air. I’ve even seen fans of shows like Dark Matter and Firefly getting in on the action.

Get involved and prove to MGM that you want another Stargate series and who knows what might happen, make sure you use #DriveToRevive in your tweets so that people can find them.

It’s  all enough to bring a tear to your chapa eye (I’ll see myself out).

– Keith