Five TV Shows You Should Watch – No Excuses!

We are lucky nowadays to have instant access to some fantastic television, all fighting for our time. It can be difficult to decide what to watch with Netflix and Amazon Prime stocking hundreds of episodes of some brilliant TV shows.

I’ve taken the liberty of picking out five shows (not all of them sci-fi) that I think you should be tracking down and watching, so turn off sodding Ex on the Beach and get on it.

1: 19-2

Based off the French-Canadian show of the same name, Canadian police drama 19-2 throws you into the complex work and home lives of police officers from Station 19 in Montreal.

It is gritty, realistic and hard-hitting drama. It drew me in from the start wijth the tense relationship between the two main characters and the human flaws shown by all the characters in the show.

I had never heard of this show until I saw it mentioned in a Reddit post a few months ago and everyone I’ve spoken to about it hadn’t either. It must not be very well known outside of Canada, which is a shame as it is an amazing “just one more episode” television drama and the season two opening could one of the tensest television episodes ever made. It’s a cop show done right and a winner of numerous television awards.

You can watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video now. Season three and its fourth and final should be available soon.

2: Travelers

Showcase-Showcase Delivers Bold Hits and Daring New Dramas This

More Canadian television. This time it’s time travellers (note the two L’s Americans) zapping back through time and possessing the bodies of people who are about to die.

In the far off future teams of operatives are travelling back in time from a post- apocalyptic Earth, tasked with preventing the horrible future from occurring. They travel back to the 21st century as historical records from smart devices etc. allow them to know the exact time, location and cause of a death. Once here they must assume the lives of their hosts as if nothing has happened to them, living in secret and working with their team to complete missions from the mysterious director.

It’s a surprisingly dark concept and top sci-fi.

Both Seasons are available on Netflix.

3: Mindhunter


With executive producers including Charlize Theron and David Fincher, Mindhunter is a crime drama based on the book of the same name.

Set in the 1970’s, it follows two FBI agents and a psychologist as they travel round the US interviewing imprisoned serial killers attempting to understand what makes them tick, hoping it will assist them with solving on going murder cases.

The show is very dark and is worth watching for Cameron Britton’s stunning performance as serial killer Edmund Kemper alone.

All episodes are available on Netflix now and it has been renewed for a second season.

4: Black Sails


 Originally debuting for free on YouTube, Black Sails is a historical pirate drama set in the golden age of piracy.

Technically a prequel to the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island it follows the adventures of Captain Flint and introduces us to numerous real pirates from history such as Captain Charles Vain.

Set on the island of Nassau it is a swash buckling adventure with superb story telling,  lots of violence and enough shagging at times that it could rival Game of Thrones. At one point I found myself effortlessly watching ten episodes in a row which I think sums up how much I enjoyed it.

This could be one of the greatest and most often overlooked television shows out there at the moment. Watch it you scurvy dogs.

All four seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

5: The Expanse


Set 200 years in the future and based on the series of novels by James S.A Corey (pen name of the programmes writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), The Expanse is a conspiracy ridden sci-fi adventure.

The Solar System has split into three factions all with their own agendas. Earth, Mars and the belters (people who live in the asteroid belt). The story follows a police detective, a UN executive, and the Executive Officer on an ice mining ship as they find themselves dragged deeper and deeper into a conspiracy that threatens peace between Earth and Mars.

Visually The Expanse is stunning and it is often called Game of Thrones in space due to the amount of political shenanigans it has going on.

If by the end of both seasons you don’t want to be a Martian Marine, there is something very wrong with you.

You can find it on Netflix.

If you think I’ve missed any out that are well worth watching, pop it in the comments below and I’ll have a look.

– Keith


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  1. Think im going to have to give TRAVELERS and THE EXPANSE a watch, havent seen them before seems up my street.

    Think it was a great show, that twist at the every end with captain flint i never even saw coming or expected it . Lots of recogniseable faces in it from a broad range of tvshows and movies with actors from all over the world.
    Storys are good, the sets are great,fight scenes well done. I binged on all four seasons as i had never seen it before and came across it when looking for something to watch and it didnt disapoint.

    What i would say that youve missed is …

    This is currently in its 5th season although on a season break just now with 20 episodes per season.
    Its a loosely based historical show on the viking way of life and their raids accross europe and other parts of the world aswel as the infightig between various viking clans/vilages. But is centred around the rise of the legendary viking king RAGNAR LOTHBROK (yup the dude was real)
    And his raids on france and saxon england . It uses actual historical facts and storys from both the english side and norse side in the seasons although based on true events the timeline does jump around a bit ( hence the loosely based part)
    And the writers do have some free range to put other things in as its meant for entertainment.

    First season and a bit were a bit hard to digest even with gabriel bryne as the viking king just content on small raids and is centred more around the village hes king off and him enjoying his wealth but an ambitious young ragnar wants to do bigger raids and hearing storys from tradesmen of vast wealth across the seas. Theres not much thats gling to keep these blood thirsty viking warriors at bay and settled on their little bit of land.

    After the tough first sesson and a bit the show realy picks up and goes from strength to strength,you can almost tell it got a bjgger budget with its popularity as the sets get bigger the battles go from small raiding parties of 10guys to full on viking battles against armys with more extras .
    You see the once small village with a few huts and farms in season one develop into a full city each season it gets bigger and bigger as does the raids bringing in more wealth and trade.

    The actings great and alot of names and faces recogniseable coming in and out of epiaodes and seasons and some stick in the show.

    Next up.
    The devil has came back to earth and where else does he base himself but the original sincity L.A

    Being bored in hell he comes back to earth and opens a nightclub to stick it to his father who sent him to be in charge of hell,he grants people their desires /favours. Which is almost liel them selling their soul for that music career,becoming a movie start/ millionare etc etc. Which he either claims back at a later date or uses to help him later on.

    All the women seem to fall for his devilsih charms and he doesnt deny he is lucifer morningstar the fallen angel/devil. Just nobody beleives him until he reveales his true identity which usualy scares people crazy when they see his real face.

    Starts off with a woman he liked and granted a favour to gets killed before she should have and him going out to reign hell down on the killer and stepping on the toes of thr LAPD lead detective ( woman also) who them team up to hunt down the killers. Lucifer then gets besotted with this female detective as none of his devilish charms seem to work on her and he wants to figure out why so sticks around her more.

    They almost become a crime fighting duo as he then becomes a sort of advisor to the lapd and gets assigned to her which is his plan so he can figure out why shes different..

    Each season has one main story line /protagonist that runs in the background with each episode dealing with this main story little by little until the end of the season.

    Tom ellis does a great job portraying the devil and i only ever remember him in eastenders. Other faces in it are D.B WOODSIDE and KEVIN ALEJANDRO.

    More of a switch off and enjoy type of show that keeps me going back.

    I had / have high hopes for this i quite like J.k simmons as an actor.
    Based on soemthing that happened during the world war an experiment rips a whole in time and space or dimensions and its split into 2 universes so far joined at one point.
    ( think of fringe with the parralel universe)

    Both sides are a protected secret with their goverment both earths similar to each other but subtle changes in technology and way of life since the war and portal first discovered. One side has mobile phone technology for example and the other doesnt. But it has a cure for incurable diseases .

    Its only on episode 3 so far but seems slow at getting off the ground . This could be one of those shows where i need to wait for most the season to come out and watch in one go rather than wait week to week. As its struggling to hold my interest.

    Anyway enough rambling from me as usual theres alot more i could put in here but i think this is long enough and you deserve a medal if youve read this far WELL DONE YOU!

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