Geek Crew Review Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 3 of our Podcast is now available over on Soundcloud.

You can listen to it here

We discuss the Super Bowl trailers, including Solo: A Star Wars Story, the best stuff we’ve watched since the last episode and how Star Trek has evolved over the years.

It should be available on iTunes and Stitcher if you prefer either of them by the end of today.

– Keef and Eck


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  1. Another good podcast guys .

    Cant beleive keith is just catching up with the star treks . Saying that i didnt watch too much of the original series and preffered the films more.$dss@×wwwweweadws×wNext gen is where it started for me and then DS9,voyager,enterprise and now discovery. I cant say i had any particular favourite out of them all as i prefered elements /story lines of each show in its own right and certain episodes that stand out and made the show for me.

    I think your spot on in regards to jason issacs captain lorca. In that we will see him again . I think its either going to be his mirror self set up a group of rebels/human hardliners like the maqui from the voyager series that dont like the idea of all these species mixing to plot against the federation and distract it and he has the real lorca being held captive by them to be used as abarganing chip…
    Or in the mirror universe. The original lorca is there being held prisoner by the rebel species that banded together and being mistaken as the mirror universes version.
    Which could set a premise for the next season to go back to the mirror universe and rescue him or in the normal verse they will be fighting a group of hardliners and have to rescue him from them..

    Itd also be good to think of the federation using empress georgiou from the mirror universe and all her hard battle tactics and way of thinkin/technology and maybe seeing her being the person that sets up or becomes the head SECTION 31 .. (sorry keith if youve not seen those episodes in ds9 or enterprise)

    Stargate …
    Id have loved to have seen them pick up universe again and the story from where it left off with everyone but eli in the stasus pods and maybe they didnt have enough power to get accross so he had to do something like supply them with less power but its made them age which would explain why all the actors/characters would look older after so long.
    But il give this new one a bash as i loved stargate. Stargate atlantis and the movies,not just the main blockbuster with kurt russel but also the straight to dvd SG1 based movies ARK OF TRUTH and CONTINUUM .

    Yous are spot in again. Tom hardy can throw his hat at any role and make it good from what ive seen, like his performances from bronson,this means war,batman, cant mind the cahe fighting films name and even the jewish jewler in peaky blinders. Didnt rate his performance in dunkirk tho until he landed the plane on the beach and torched it lol. Back to venom tho, i always watched the amazing spiderman cartoon show thats what i think of as spiderman and venom, im wondering how venom will get his abilitys like spiderman as in the cartoon amd previous film the black symbiote binds with parker and his suit/abilitys or is it going to juat bind with tom hardy and make him a superhuman very strong with a different kind of suit and abilitys? Ive only seen the trailor above and a cpl instagram photos but not had time to read too much into it so maybe the answers already there.

    Anyway enjoyed the podcast keep it up guys.

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  2. P.s no idea where that jibberish stuff came from on the 4th sentence. It wasnt there when i typed it.

    Anyway my 10mins left on my break are finished after typing all that Hope its not too long winded a reply as usual. Lol

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