Top Ten: Spaceships in Movies/TV

10. The Colonial Viper (Battlestar Galactica): Sleek, manoeuvrable with a 3 engine design and a slick red and white paint job, the Colonial Viper was/is very cool and has a timeless design. The sleeker versions that appear in the 2004 Ron Moore version (best television show ever. FACT!) are also very frakking cool. SO SAY WE ALL!


9. Colonial Marine Dropship: Whilst not technically a spaceship, I’m including it because it does fall from space and it looks properly badass. It comes fully loaded with weaponry and carries the marines wherever they need to be with ease. It’s an express elevator to hell, goin’ down!!


8. The Imperial T.I.E. Fighter: Fast, nimble and with an awesome noise coming from those Twin Ion Engines, this is the fighter of choice for the Imperial fleet. The Empire has some very cool ships, but none cooler than this!


7. Romulan Warbird: The pride of the Romulan fleet, the Warbird is a powerful ship capable of taking on any adversary. Equipped with a cloaking device, it can pounce on unsuspecting enemies. Plus, IT LOOKS LIKE A BIRD!!


6. Serenity: Firefly gave us many cool things in its short run. The ship Serenity is one of those. Practical, cool to look at and as much a hero of that show as any of the crew. It also makes a cameo in Battlestar Galactica (kudos to anyone who can tell me where.)


5. USS Defiant: The first Federation warship, equipped with armour, quantum torpedoes, powerful phasers and a cloaking device. The Defiant was a direct response to the Dominion threat in season 3 and kicked some serious ass in Deep Space Nine.


4. Klingon Bird of Prey: The Klingon Empire prides itself on victory in battle. The Bird of Prey is their main instrument of battle. Making up the vast majority of the Klingon fleet, these ships are cloaked and waiting to strike, hence the name. Qapla’!


3. Battlestar Galactica: The last hope of the 12 Colonies after the Cylons attack, the Galactica heads up a rag tag civilian fleet and fends off attack after attack. Carrying a squadron of Vipers and the hopes of humanity, Galactica is more than just a ship. It is hope and salvation.


2. The Millennium Falcon: No explanation needed.


1. USS Enterprise: The Flagship of the United Federation of Planets, the USS Enterprise has been my favourite film/TV spaceship for as long as I can remember. There have been many models of the Enterprise but my favourite is still the revamped original model first seen in the excellent reveal sequence in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


Let us know your thoughts and if you think we’ve missed any in the comments below.



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  1. What happened the Eagle Transporter from Space 1999? A versatile craft, capable of being piloted by one person, interchangeable pods to suit any mission, be it passenger/equipment transport, medical or scientific missions or for attack/defence. Not just usable in zero or low bravery environments, they could also be used in normal G with additional rocket boosters attached to the superstructure. More over it could be built quickly & easily on a moonbase.
    One of the greats if you ask me.


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