80’s Weekend Television & Me

Back in the halcyon days of the 1980’s, Saturday and Sunday morning TV played a large part in my childhood. As a proper 80’s kid, I longed for the weekend. I would stay over at my Nanny’s house (I’m not rich, Nanny is a Scottish term for Granny) where I would rise out of bed, run down stairs for some cheese on toast, a cup of tea and plonk myself down in front of the telly.

Saturday morning brought such delights as The A-Team, where a group of Vietnam War soldiers, “who were imprisoned in a maximum security stockade for a crime they didn’t commit” evade capture from the military, help people deal with situations ranging from kidnapping, plane hijacking and motor racing corruption. It was completely ludicrous but utterly magnificent. BA had that awesome black GMC van, they had cool guns and mysteriously fired them a lot without ever shooting anyone.


Airwolf was another one of my favourites. Ace pilot Stringfellow Hawk flies an advanced combat helicopter for a shadowy organisation called “The Firm”. But who cares about plot because LOOK HOW COOL THE HELICOPTER IS!!


On a Sunday afternoon here in Scotland, there was only one thing to do. Watch Glen Michael’s Cartoon Cavalcade.


This guy was a legend and from the moment the theme tune hit, you got excited. Madcap skits intermixed with some of the best cartoons (He-Man, Thundercats, MASK, The Centurions etc). All of this was the basic ingredients of my childhood. Watching this sort of stuff at that time was made all the more exciting because it was on a a certain time so there was a sense of anticipation. You HAD to be there to watch it. Having shows on demand at our fingertips is great nowadays but there is a lot to be said about the excitement and anticipation of tuning in at a certain time to see it.

My top 5 80’s weekend shows are:-

  1. Airwolf
  2. The A-Team
  3. Transformers
  4. He-Man
  5. Thundercats

Here are some others to get you in a nostalgic mood:




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Lover of all things Sci-Fi. So say we all!!

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  1. Yup. Dont forget knightrider either . And my grandad makin me watch rawhide with a young clint eastwood followed by magnum p.i .

    Trapdoor, fun house ( with the twins) and art attack although they may have been early 90s

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