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So by now, if you’ve read some of the blog posts or listened to the podcast, you’ve probably realised that my esteemed colleagues Keith and Alex are geeks of the highest order. Obsessed with movies, TV, video games and primarily Sci-Fi. I too would class myself part of the geek brethren, but it could be said that I have a very different set of skills. I love me a superhero movie, enjoy a bit of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the original three Star Wars films are all in my top 10 movies of all time, but my geek stems from more non-stereotypical roots. Movies? I’ll dabble, but mainly leave that to Alex. Sci-Fi and Video Games? Keith is all over it. Murder mysteries, wrestling, other random stuff I get obsessed for a brief period of time with? That’s when you’ll be hearing from this guy!

Now I know murder mystery dramas are not overly cool and full of pop culture references or anything like that, but they have a charm and hook that is undeniable. Someone dies in suspicious circumstances, our hero is assigned to investigate, some more people die along the way and low and behold, it turns out it was dear old Johnny Jenkins who’d always hated the victim for poisoning his prize winning gooseberries. Quite often there is a stand off towards the end of the show as the detective of choice runs through, for the viewers benefit, why and how the murderer did what they did. With the amount of different murder mystery programmes on television you would think the structure would change slightly, but no the same pattern is followed in pretty much every one. And I love it.


As I am firmly from ye olde worlde, I don’t have a Netflix account. I don’t have an Amazon Prime account. As such, the bulk of TV I watch is on Sky and its cheapest, no frills package. Realistically the channels that are on constant rotation on my 49 incher are the terrestrial bad boys. You know what though, I’m perfectly happy with that. I could just about live with Freeview, but the familiarity of Sky’s setup keeps me paying my dues every month. With mainly watching the five ‘original’ channels, the bulk of my murder mystery meat comes from their menu. Choice cuts include Sherlock, Inspector Gently, Vera and Maigret but the piece de resistance re-starts this very Sunday on ITV – Endeavour.


Endeavour is set in the 1960’s and tells the story of a young man named Endeavour Morse and his journey to becoming one of the most beloved TV sleuths of all time, Inspector Morse. Season 5 is about to start on Sunday and promises 6 episodes this time instead of the usual 4. We’re about to see him in his new role as Detective Sergeant Morse, with his father-like-figure superior Fred Thursday now Chief Inspector. I doubt these new roles will dampen the amount of murders to be solved but as a bold guess, since there are 6 episodes now, I predict at least 6 murders over the series.

The show has real endearing qualities for me. The lead character played by Shaun Evans is awkward personified, from his look to his personality, but has a brilliant mind for solving cases meaning he earns respect. The look of the show is perfect as it is set in Oxford, which with all its university buildings and classic architecture, means the producers don’t need to do a lot to convince the viewer the action is taking place in the 1960’s. The soundtrack to Endeavour is primarily classical music which fits the tone of the show well and often soundtracks the most climatic moments.

Perhaps jumping in to Season 5 you’ll not pick up on some of the finer points of the Endeavour story so far, like Morse’s infatuation with Chief Inspector Thursday’s daughter. Joan Thursday left her family home at the end of Season 3, not telling her mother and father where she was going, but in Season 4 Morse tracks her down in Leamington and tries to persuade her to go back to her parents in Oxford. If there’s not more to come on that side of things in Season 5, I’ll eat my 1960’s style Fedora.


Season 5 will hopefully also see the development of the character of WPC Trewlove played by Dakota Blue Richards. Trewlove was introduced in Season 3 as a new addition to the heavily male populated Oxford City Police and saw her role in episodes grow as Season 4 played out. There’s not been any major storylines involving Trewlove as yet, but this Endeavour geek reckons it’s only a matter of time.

Endeavour is on ITV in the classic two hour (hour and a half with ads) slot which is Sunday night at 8pm for the next 6 weeks.


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  1. Welcome aboard james.

    Cant say ive seen Endeavour , although i was never much a fan of inspector morse other than his big green jag ,

    More of a mid summer murders show id have a neb at from time to time. Place has to be the murder capital of the world for such a small village.

    Id be guesing with the basic sky and crime thiller genre you like that youve seen elementary with lucy lu and john lee miller . U.S version of sherlock holmes think it was out before the uk tv show sherlock. Good change on the character with johny lee millers -sherlock holmes being a recovering drug addict and lucy lis character DR JOAN WATSON being his sponsor to help him recover then becoming his apprentice in training until joining him as a partner helping the NYPD.
    Storys /episodes are always good and brilliant acting.

    Another on the crime thriller is
    Blue bloods. Good old tom selleck. Still
    with that moustache / danny wahlberg from new kids on the block (mark wahlbergs bro) and his family of cops and daughter whos a prosecutor in the NYPD. Good show. Good morality, sense of honor and doing whats right. . Seeing it from all angles aswel not just focusing on the detective,but also the younger Brother whos the new recruit, the sister whos the lawyer and how she prosecutes cases , the police commissioner whos responsible for the actions of his officers and cant stick his nose in to help his kids , then the family life and how policing effects the kids, wifes etc . Realy enjoy that and great scope and variation of storys .

    Suits is another good watch too .a modern ally mcbeal. Lots of recogniseable faces and the daily dealings kn law firms usualy with one main antagonist for that season to be based on and each epiaode having 60% dealing with the main story for the season and 40% side storys and cases/ problems

    Thats the limit of my crime niche of things
    I still watch


    • At the risk of being “That guy”, Morse’s Jag was red (248 RPA).
      I too am a lover of the detective genre and
      I still watch the Morse series, which I loved at the time and still do, however now it is starting to look dated. For me the Lewis series was the natural successor to Morse and was not disappointing. As yet I have still to catch any if the Endeavour series.
      My most recent foray in to the genre is Ripper Street. In my opinion it is brilliantly written with a fantastic cast of talented actors. Perhaps a subject for future discussion.



      • Thanks for commenting Craig, can’t recommend Endeavour highly enough to you if you loved Morse, its a brilliant prequel to the character and stories you love. Ripper Street is most definitely in my sights.


    • Thanks for commenting Paul, you should give it a go, you might be surprised! Will check out the other shows mentioned, I’ve seen a couple of them. Midsomer may be on my radar at some point.


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