Happy New Movie Year!Part 1

Well, it’s January. 2017 is in the books, and what a fantastic year for movies. Thor Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049 & Star Wars: The Last Jedi were all highlights for us. So, what awaits us in 2018?

Black Panther: The next entry in the MCU continues Marvel’s bold tradition of hiring promising young directors with fresh ideas to make interesting movies. Ryan Coogler (Creed) takes the helm on Black Panther with a predominately black cast (a first for a superhero film) and the trailer feels current and fresh, with an excellent song choice by Run The Jewels. This comes out on 12/02/18. Take a look at the trailer.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Director Ron Howard (Apollo 13) was handed the reigns to the origin story of the galaxy’s favourite scruffy looking, nerf herding scoundrel after original directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller departed due to “creative differences”. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how Han Solo came by the Millennium Falcon, did he swindle Lando Calrissian and was Chewbacca always that hairy!? This is released on 25/05/18 and no trailer is yet available.


Avengers: Infinity War: The culmination of all of Kevin Fiege’s world building thus far comes in the form of Thanos, a being so powerful and probably tooled up with some Infinity Stones, taking on ALL of the superheroes we have encountered so far. Too many characters to list here so just watch the trailer and I dare you to tell me it doesn’t look awesome!



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Lover of all things Sci-Fi. So say we all!!

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  1. Some good choices there , although black panther is good its getting its own solo movie im not sold on it . Seems like a gap filler for the wait for infinity war coming but when i see it i may change my mind ,It does look stunning visualy though.

    What i am looking forward to other than those mentioned above is

    12 STRONG.
    Nice change for chris hemsworth doing a more serious role. Supposedly based on declasified documents about 12 group of soldiers Fighting the ISIS.
    It could be a good change for him and show he still has talent outside of the marvel films and his terrible comedic role in the flop relaunch of ghostbusters .

    Next on my watch list is …DEATH WISH. Bruce willis doing what he does best -action,shooting guns, taking vengeance,witty one liners and being a 1 man force to be reckoned with.
    Cleaning up the streets being a vigilante after his wife is killed and cleaning up the neighbourhood as a normal average joe public. Im just hoping its better than his other film ACT OF VENGEANCE which although action packed the story was somewhat lacking even with the cast that was assembled it was a bit of a let down outside of the gun fights and torture scenes and just seemed to drag on from 1 scene to the next until those 2mins of fighting.

    Final installment of MAZE RUNNER franchise i believe. That will get watched only because ive saw the others and althoygh it started of well i think t was scotched earth that let it down for me . Watchable but lost much of the fun i enjoyed in the first one so lets see how this one pans out… can it recapture the essence and originality of the first one gues il have to wait and see.

    Another big one on my watch list i cant wait to see is…READY PLAYER ONE.
    Steven speilberg directing which he usualy does a good job of most films he touches. Lets see how this film will do . Seems a similar story in many other films of the poor humble boy/girl that lives in a squalor or run down part of down and trys to get his way to top going up against very well off rich people although in this one it regards a so called easter egg in the virtual world from one of the original creators and whoever finds it will inherit a ton of wealth and hence he goes on his adventures playing the game..solving puzzles and fighting other character while the world watches to get the prize.

    These genres been touch on before with interactive gaming in the future with the likes of GAMER with gerad butler of people loading into a live game with their avatars or going into a fantasy world controling their characters like in that bruce willis detective film where everyone stayed at home and lay in chairs venturing out controling robots designed the way they want …
    The trailer for READY PLAYER ONE looks epic with people controling lots of recogniseable characters from past movies like the iron giant and various other characters from 80s ,90s tv shows/films and games .

    Im sitting in the fence with this one.i liked the first movie . Charlie hunman gave a good performance along with idris elba etc. And cmon who doesnt enjoy massive robots going toe to toe with giant monsters . But the 2nd one with the lad from star wars .. i dont know what thier going to do different this time . Il probably watch it .but more for something to watch when theres nothing else …

    THE COMMUTER.. liam neeson.. if youve seen NON STOP id gues youve already seen this before it starts. Seems liam is getting pigeon holed into a certain type of character now and type cast in very simlar roles . It started off well with taken franchise vut now its the same old story especialy in this case .lone man with a certain set of skills can seemingly take on anyone and win. This time instead of being trapped one a plane hes trapped on a train .

    What was once refreshing in the action genre is now becoming long and drawn out like root treatment in the dentists chair.

    Am i wrong with any of these ?

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