So, the trailer for the much anticipated Mortal Engines Dropped the other day. Brought to us by Peter Jackson as writer/producer and first time Director Christian Rivers, the plot involves a desolate Earth where Cities are mounted on wheels and survive by essentially eating smaller towns (also on wheels). Take a look…..


Episode 1 of our Podcast has gone live on Soundcloud (iTunes is loading as we speak).

As it’s our first and last Podcast of 2017 we discuss our favourite film of 2017, our top films, TV shows and Games of all time, and we give our thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

We ramble about other bollocks as well but you’ll just need to have a listen to find out what…

You can find the Podcast here and comments on how wrong we are can be posted below.

We hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

– Keef and Eck